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Senior Analyst-Private Equity


Our client is a private equity firm that invests exclusively in the middle market industrial product and technology sectors. The firm’s “Platform Strategy” focuses on identifying appropriate Platform companies and building them to critical mass through consolidating acquisitions, acceleration of organic growth and strong management teams.


Senior Financial Analyst

The Senior Financial Analyst is responsible for supporting the deal team in reviewing new acquisition opportunities as well as providing analytical support for current platform investments. In this role, the senior analyst will oversee the collection, monitoring, and studying of financial data and providing analysis and recommendations to the investment committee. Day-to-day responsibilities will include reviewing and analyzing diligence materials and preparing questions to discuss with management teams how their businesses work from an operational, financial and customer standpoint.


  1. Support the daily responsibilities of the deal team in conducting due diligence for acquisitions, executing transactions to close and analyzing needs at the operating platforms.

  2. Coordinate with acquisition candidates (i.e. management teams) the gathering, organizing and analysis of diligence information.

  3. Prepare detailed, dynamic, three-statement financial models with various operating scenarios, capital structures and return sensitivities.

  4. Assist in due diligence, particularly accounting and other areas, as needed.

  5. Compare and analyze actual results with plans and forecasts to identify trends and recommend actions to management.

  6. Compile workpapers to support diligence topics, conclusions and recommendations.

  7. Lead effort in drafting investment committee memoranda.

  8. Create and maintain financial dashboards and analysis.

  9. Coordinate outside consultants including external diligence support.

  10. Perform market, industry and company research on new acquisitions and existing portfolio companies.

  11. Prepare and give presentations and various other related tasks.


The firm is looking for a motivated professional with the right attitude and commitment to our efforts toward building successful platforms. Candidates should possess the following:

• 3-5 years of experience as an analyst

• B.S. with financial, or business-related, concentration

• Three statement acquisition modeling

• Advanced Excel, MS Word and PowerPoint Skills

• Prior experience in Accounting, Corporate Finance or Transaction Diligence Advisory

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