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Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

Many companies with challenging hiring needs utilize Kingston-Dwight Associates to identify candidates that are early career high performers, high-demand mid-level financial managers and professionals with specialized technical accounting and financial skills.

Our competitive advantage is our dogged tracking of the supply and demand for this specialized group of professionals. We work aggressively to follow hiring patterns brought about by changes in business activities, technology and regulatory requirements. Whether it is the needs of an organization's CFO, increased professional help for consulting firms such as public accounting firms or the specialized finance and accounting needs of our financial services and investment firms, Kingston-Dwight Associates understands what professional qualification are in demand and knows how and where to find the best talent.

Our knowledge of companies, organizations and our extensive network of relationships and contacts keeps us in constant contact with desirable financial and accounting talent. More importantly, we have the expertise to identify talent and the judgment to understand the importance of "timing" in deciding who are the best candidates to present to a company to fill a specific need.

Our recruiting fee for this type of assignment is contingent upon Kingston-Dwight Associates being recognized as the referral source for the professional hired. The service fee is a percentage of the candidates' annualized compensation and the guarantee for this service is prorated over 90 (ninety) days.